“Our profession deals with the fitting of orthotics and footwear so gait analysis is a critical aspect of our motion capture program and assessments. After searching extensively for software that would allow us to capture and review video of the gait cycle, we came across the Medical Motion software.

Although it was primarily designed for golf, it works perfectly for running gait analysis and walking gait analysis. With the vast number of shoe companies making running shoes, it often becomes very confusing to a customer trying to determine the proper shoe for them to obtain proper running form. With the Medical Motion software, we are able to make sure the client is in a biomechanically supportive shoe.”

“The ability to split the screen and compare before and after appropriate footwear/orthotics is an extremely powerful visual tool. Along with confirmation of the correct alignment (correct running form) to the client, the frame by frame analysis helps us to make fine tuning adjustments to both the orthotics and footwear if necessary. Thanks to Medical Motion for the great, easy to use product.”

Mathew Grasmeyer & Ryan Grant

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