Using Analysis of Motion for: Running gait analysis, golf swing analysis, patients that overpronate, and landing technique analysis (ACL injury prevention program) for treating injuries in sports at this widely recognized sports medicine clinic.


“I have found motion capture and motion analysis to be a fantastic educational tool for our patients. The ability to give patients immediate visual feedback of mechanics at a higher level than they have ever been assessed is very powerful.”

“We chose the portable Medical Motion system because it was the most cost-effective and easy to use system available. We love the split screen option. It lets us make quick accurate comparisons, such as whether an orthotic corrects the overpronation it is intended to correct. It also lets us compare if there is a change in mechanics after receiving rehabilitation physical therapy for awhile (before and after snapshots to confirm that the patient's physical medicine and rehabilitation program has been effective).”

Josh Billings, MPT
Clinic Director
, Harborview Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy

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