Using Motion Analysis for: Static and dynamic posture analysis, walking and running gait analysis, bike fittings and cycling biomechanics assessment.


“We use video based motion capture and analysis primarily for podiatry-focused gait analysis. A must tool for the Foot Specialist in diagnosing and treating patient gait analysis.  This in depth assessment is used in clinical situations to determine the inter-relationship between foot and ankle biomechanics and more proximal limb segment function. Surgical patients are evaluated pre and post-op to determine improvements to their gait patterns, alterations during recovery, and to aid in specializing therapy to improve overall outcomes.”

“I have found the Medical Motion system to provide me with the necessary gait information to help me make clinical and surgical decisions. Therapy is adapted and individualized based on the information obtained from an in-depth gait analysis. I chose Medical Motion for my gait analysis system based on several factors, including: multi camera capability, drawing tools, overlay capability, cost, and customer service. Of these, I have been most pleased with the latter, customer service, since purchasing my system.”

Trevor R. Williams, D.P.M.
Diplomat, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

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