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New SOL SideKick


SOL SideKick™ is a lightweight wireless visual communication tool for motion analysis which can be used in Direct Sunlight or indoors. It allows doctors, coaches, trainers, parents, athletes and patients to see high speed movement in slow motion. 


Gait Analysis Systems - Our Alternative to Costly 3D Motion Capture Systems

At Medical Motion, we wanted to find a complete, easy to use gait analysis system alternative to high-cost 3D motion analysis systems. We knew that conventional 3D systems were complicated and much too expensive for small-scale sports therapy and rehabilitation clinics, therapists, fitness centers, and retail stores serving golfers, runners, and sports enthusiasts. We knew that local sports injury clinics and physical therapists dealing with joint overuse, an ageing population, and sports-related injuries needed a simple gait analysis system to effectively measure gait analysis without breaking the budget.

So we developed a ground-breaking portfolio of portable and desktop gait analysis systems as well as video analysis software and gait accessories. Whether your interest is extreme sports injuries, power walking technique, ROM analysis, sprinting form, orthopedic therapy, soccer biomechanics, or perfect running form, Medical Motion’s motion analysis - gait analysis slow motion camera products are convenient, cost-effective alternatives to an expensive 3D motion capture system.  Physical Therapists, Health and Wellnes Centers, and Running Gait Shoes Stores all can benefit from our sophisticated Gait Analysis Systems that feature one, two and three cameras for gait analysis in real time.  Our motion analysis software combined with high quality cameras allows live motion capture and gait analysis for instant feedback to your clients - and, our systems are affordable at all levels from beginner to advance gait analysis.

Portable Lab and Gait Systems

Desktop Lab and Gait Systems

Perform motion analysis anywhere!

  • Complete notebook-based system
  • Motion analysis software pre-installed
  • Can include up to two camcorders for live, multi-camera capture

Recommended for high-volume facilities

  • Complete desktop-based system
  • Extensive hard-drive space for high volume saving
  • Motion analysis software pre-installed
  • Can include up to four camcorders for live, multi-camera capture

Video Motion Accessories

Video Analysis Software

All extra components to make your motion analysis lab complete, including:

  • Motion Analysis Software
  • Treadmills
  • Reflective markers
  • Calibration charts
  • Lighting packages
  • and more!

Easy to use software to analyze motion and create great reports. Features include:

  • Full 60-1200 Frames Per Second
  • Drawing Tools
  • Video Comparison
  • Lesson Creator with Voice Over
  • Export Options including YouTube
  • and more!

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