The use of motion capture video is vital for the study of human biomechanics – whether for education, rehabilitation, or the viewing of sports in motion to improve athletic performance.

  • Burn video and video-frame pictures to CD
  • Email video and video-frame pictures
  • Print single video-frame pictures or frame sequences
  • Copy and paste video-frame pictures into documents
  • Dedicated Excel spreadsheets
  • Automatic YouTube video upload
  • Voice-over video creation during on-screen analysis

Saving to CD

Quickly and easily burn Individual frame pictures, frame sequences, or entire videos directly to a CD. This is a fantastic addition to provide your client, and it is an effective way to communicate with other specialists. You also can add a trial version of the Pro-Trainer Motion Analysis software so that clients can use the analysis tools while viewing the video on their own computers. It’s like creating an in-home motionlab.


Note for Teachers and Learning Institutions: By burning video and trial software to disk, you can create unique labs and provide an effective motion-analysis practice tool for students. Coaches can use this capability to create at-home sports physiology labs for each team member.

Save CD

Emailing Videos and Frame Pictures

Email single video frame pictures, frame sequences, and entire videos directly to clients, specialists, and biomechanical experts. Video will be automatically compressed to a reasonable file size that can be opened by most video-viewing software applications.


Email Videos and Screen Captures

Printing Frame Pictures and Sequences

Easily print individual video-frame pictures or entire video sequences for clients to take home or for visually powerful patient chart documentation. This can be useful for sports injury treatment by a therapist or sports injury doctor.


Printing Pictures and Sequences

Inserting Video Frame Pictures into Documents

Easily cut and paste important frame pictures into Word documents, emails, PowerPoint presentations, or other templates – complete with any drawings and measurements produced on screen. This feature enables you to generate professional visual reports and original demonstration materials. You can exhibit everything from biomechanics in swimming to tennis biomechanics.


Insert Video Pictures into Documents

Dedicated Client Excel Spreadsheets

Track important video-frame pictures, angle measurements, and client notes with the Excel spreadsheet tool. Each client has a dedicated spreadsheet that can be saved and re-opened when a client profile is open. Spreadsheet pages also can be easily printed for professional-looking visual reports. These visual elements can be part of a long-term progress record for rehabilitation in sport or in some other setting.


Client Spreadsheets

You Tube Video Upload

Increase your client base by making a strong presence on YouTube. Easily upload video samples of motion analysis, complete with voice-over video for all to see (see the Creating Voice Over Video feature). You also can create personalized and secure YouTube video releases that can be seen only by your client. This capability can help position you as an expert in the biomechanics of sport and exercise.


Upload to YouTube

Voice OverCreating Voice-over Video

Produce professional video presentations for clients and colleagues by capturing your on-screen analysis sessions. All drawings, measurements, and video comparisons made on screen can be recorded complete with voice-over (microphone/headset and sound card required). You can easily share your “lessons” by using the CD or email-output features, or you can post them online through the automatic YouTube upload feature. This capability is a must for the sport physiotherapist or other healthcare professional.

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