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We take the utmost pride in providing the right motion capturing solution for you – whether you need it for physical therapy and rehabilitation, weight training, sports medicine physical therapy, or simply to study human biomechanics.

Your human motion tracking system will include only the components and configuration that fit your particular application. That’s why a dual camera upgrade is available (with automatic synch) for people who need live motion capture and analysis from two cameras!

The portable system is a full-blown motion capture system with the following standard elements:

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Notebook Computers

Notebook ComputersThis is not your ordinary notebook computer!

Video based motion analysis requires specific computer configurations in order to produce high quality video pictures in motion analysis software.  All of our custom built computer systems contain:

  1. Extensive memory and hard drive space to allow storage of large video files, and to ensure the computer continually runs at fast speeds
  2. A high quality graphics card and dedicated graphics memory to ensure premium video quality from full speed to frame-by-frame replay
  3. Both an integrated firewire port AND an expansion slot, allowing live video capture from 2 cameras simultaneously
  4. 8x Multi-Drive DVD burner, allowing for quick DVD burning of client videos
  5. Windows 7 operating system

The notebook computer configuration will be based on the needs of your facility based on client load, motion analysis function and budget.

Digital Camcorders

Digital CamcorderWhen it comes to producing quality video for motion analysis, all camcorders are not created equal.  Optimal camcorders require certain specifications to allow for accurate slow motion and freeze frame analysis.

This includes:

  • High frame rates:  Allowing very little of the movement to be missed between frames
  • High shutter speeds: Ensuring that the picture is clear with little or no blurring
  • High resolution
  • Manual focus capability:  Allowing the user to focus the lens at the appropriate level for the clearest view of the subject
  • Wider Irises: When camcorders are set at higher shutter speeds less light is allowed into the lens and the picture appears dark.  With a wider iris, more light can be allowed in.

All camcorders used in our motion analysis systems are chosen with these requirements in mind.

The exact speeds and capabilities will vary depending on your specific motion analysis application and budget.

Dual Camera Upgrade

Dual CameraSave time and gain a more 3 dimensional view of movement by capturing from 2 cameras simultaneously.

A dual camera upgrade includes:

  • Second camcorder
  • Tripod
  • Firewire cable
  • Firewire card – for computer express card port

Want to capture from 3 or more camcorders simultaneously? This feature is available with our desktop motion analysis systems

Panning Camera Head

Panning Camera HeadEasily and steadily video your client with the professional fluid mount panning head.

It’s smooth action allows level rotation of the camera through a full 360 degrees, with the ability to tilt in both directions.

An optimal tool for over-ground gait analysis or any other horizontal movement

PC Remote Control

Remote ControlControl your PC from a distance

Whether you are supporting a special needs patient or instructing an athlete through a movement, sometimes it is just not convenient to be stuck beside the computer during a video capture.

This is why all systems include a hand held wireless remote that can control the motion analysis software from a distance.

Water-Tight Carry Case

Water-Tight Case

Because easy transport and durability is the primary focus of our portable systems, each system is housed in a custom cut, watertight carrying case.

These cases feature:

  • Crushproof and dust proof design
  • Strong and light weight solid wall
  • Open cell core
  • O-ring seal
Professional Tripod

Pro TripodBecause it acts as the foundation that holds and supports your high quality equipment, it is essential that  a tripod is durable and sturdy.

This is why all systems come with compact professional-grade Bogen-Manfrotto video tripods.  These tripods feature:

  • Lightweight structure
  • High weight capacity
  • Great maximum height
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-use, compact design

A stable and durable tripod acts as the foundation of the entire system.

Tripod Tray

Tripod TrayReduce both space requirements and tripping hazards due to extended cables by placing your notebook computer on the tripod.

Camera tripods can dual as a computer stand with this lightweight and sturdy tripod tray.

  • Made from high-strength 6061 aircraft aluminium
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Comes with mounting clamps and instructions

Need more space for extra equipment or writing? No problem!  Dual Tray upgrades are available.

Extended Distance Firewire Cables

Fire Wire CablesIncrease camera distance versatility with extended firewire cables

In order for live computer video capture to be possible, a firewire connection directly to the camcorder is necessary. This requirement does not have to be a restriction to how far your camcorder can be from the computer however,   with firewire cable lengths of up to 164’ available.

Firewire cables available in up to 164’ lengths for greater system versatility

Grip-Style Camera Head

Grip-style camera headEasily adjust the camera position and follow any movement, no matter how fast or how complex.

This professional style tripod head allows the camera to move quickly through a full 360 degrees, up/down, and diagonally with the simple squeeze of a handle.

PC Sunshade

Sun ShadeHaving trouble seeing your screen outdoors?

Sun glare is no longer a problem with this durable notebook computer soft hood.  The antiglare hood is an essential addition for anyone planning on using their motion analysis system outdoors.

  • Optimal fit for 15” computer screens
  • Folds flat for easy storage

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