Lighting Packages

If you desire video frame pictures that are clear and bright, high-quality lighting is indispensable. Florescent lighting alone is not sufficient to overcome the picture darkness that occurs when cameras run at the high shutter speeds needed for motion captured on video.

Our quartz-halogen light kits provide the efficient, intense light you need in most indoor settings. Each kit includes:

  • 600W quartz-halogen lamps
  • Quartz light heads
  • One focusing quartz light head
  • 8' tip-resistant light stands
  • Durable hard case with custom-cut foam interior
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Packages are available with 2-light or 3-light options

For optimal video quality, lighting should be directed from the position of the camera toward the subject being analyzed. These lighting packages are ideal for biomechanics video tracking conducted in a physiotherapy clinic for physical therapy range of motion analysis. They also are suitable for other clinical activities used to address spine biomechanics, running posture, and sport rehabilitation in indoor motion capture studios.

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