In order to select the CORRECT version of the Pro Trainer software and the type of camera you will need, there are some key questions to answer.  This process will help you determine what makes the most sense for your application and your budget. 

Pro Trainer Software—which version do I need?

The first consideration is actually a two part question—what are you going to be recording (activity) and how long of a recording do you want to make.

¨      The Pro Trainer software is designed for the capture and analysis of a “movement event”.  This would be for example, the complete gait cycle of a client on a treadmill or the action of pitching or hitting a baseball. 


¨      The intent is to isolate specific movements for analysis from one (1) to four (4) views, capturing the video one at a time or simultaneously.

¨      If you want to record ONE VIEW AT A TIME, you can use the Pro Trainer Standard Version software. (viewing of multiple views of the same movement can be done in the Standard software, you will need to open the windows and play back frame by frame to match up the movement sequence.)

¨      If you want to record MULTIPLE VIEWS AT THE SAME TIME, you will need to use the Pro Trainer Advanced Version software.  This will allow you to make ONE recording of multiple views, and also pre-set the length of the video to capture. Video capture can be controlled from the computer or the remote control.)  You can also use the Advanced Version with a single camera capture. 


¨      AS IT’S BEING RECORDED: In order to have the FAST, LIVE connection for viewing of videos, you need to use a Mini-DV camcorder which utilizes the IEEE-1394 protocol, also known as FireWire or I-Link. This is a direct, wired connection from the camcorder to the computer—connecting to a FireWire port.  You can always record video, with the Mini-DV camcorder to tape and then upload into the Pro-Trainer software and this options does not require you to always have the camcorder and the computer connected. 

¨      RECORD, TRANSFER AND THEN VIEW—OPTION 1:  You can use a camcorder or video camera that can be connected to the computer via  FireWIre; USB or SD card connection.   (The FireWire method allows you to “play” the video into the Pro-Trainer software.) If your camcorder does not provide the FireWire connection, your videos will need to be imported into the Pro-Trainer software program for analysis (instructions are provided in the “Sports Motion Help” file) This method  will require a process of importing the videos and then moving them into the correct client folder. 

¨      RECORD, TRANSFER AND THEN VIEW—OPTION 2:  The “2nd” option, available with the SOL SideKick™ system, is to wirelessly transfer the videos from the camera to the folder in the Pro Trainer software, then move to the client’s folder.  With this process you are still recording one view at a time, however the process of moving the video into the Pro-Trainer Software for viewing and analysing is a faster and easier process. 

If you want LIVE, SIMULTANEOUSLY RECORDING of multiple videos, you will require two components— the Pro-Trainer Advanced Software and Mini DV camcorders, using FireWire for the most stable platform. USB 3.0 camcorders are not at a point of providing the consistent  recording needed.  Other types of cameras require additional components (such as a converter boxes, which we have not found to be consistent for operation.  

Other factors to look at when you are reviewing the options available for use-can the camcorder (such as a security type of FireWire Camera) or Webcam provide the ability for a wide angle lens.  Many of the other solutions presented are also limited to one (1) camera or there are limited options in regards to key features such as shutter speed/manual aperture/frames per second.

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