Trainers, therapists, sports injury doctors, and other sports medicine specialists will find the following drawing and measurement tools to be useful on a daily basis:

  • Lines, geometrical shapes, grids, and curves
  • On screen text
  • Angle drawing
  • Distance and speed measurement
  • Timer

Drawing On-Screen Lines and Geometrical Shapes

Whether you are interested in dance motion capture or measuring range of motion, you can draw shapes, lines (straight or curved), grids, and other indicators directly on a video or on freeze frame pictures. All shapes can be adjusted easily for color and line thickness. These tools make it easy to prepare visual presentations and documentation on video analysis results – whether you are a rehab therapist or sports chiropractor.

Geometric Shapes

On Screen Text

Insert text directly on the video to quickly turn video-frame pictures into descriptive reports. You can easily adjust font size, color, and text outlines to enhance the visual appeal of your educational presentations or their usefulness in motion labs.

Onscreen Text Tool


Angle Measurements

To increase the objectivity of your movement assessments, you can analyze joint positions with angle measurements. The system automatically calculates the degrees of the angles and displays them based on the lines you draw manually on the video. A sports analyst, for example, will make use of these measurements when examining performance capture videos to increase the effectiveness of individual team members.

Angle Measurements

Distance and Speed Measurements

Distance and speed measurements also increase the objectivity of your movement assessments – especially in range motion exercises. The software can be calibrated easily when a reference unit of measure (such as length) is located on screen near the area being examined. Wall calibration charts are extremely helpful for this purpose.

Distance and Speed Measurements



On-Screen Timer

To conduct an accurate event-timing analysis, you can display a stopwatch between two specified points on the video. A real-time 1/1000 second timer is also continuously displayed on the screen for quick timing analysis during playback. You can switch the timer display to show frame numbers instead. This timing capability can be especially useful in biomechanics research.

On-Screen Timer

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