Gait Analysis Training - Medical Motion Partners with Sport Chek

Sport Chek Employees Receive Gait Analysis Training Seminar

Medical Motion recently provided the second Gait Analysis Training Seminar for Sport Chek, Canada’s largest national retailer of sporting goods (part of the FGL Sports Ltd, with more than 400 stores across Canada.)  The first set of employees attended the two day, customized gait analysis training seminar in Tulsa, Oklahoma in January, 2013, prior to the opening of the first “Flagship” store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The positive response from the customers and the success of our gait analysis program has led to plans to implement the Gait Fit Stations in their “Flagship” and “Hero” store locations. The latest group of employees trained in running gait analysis, are part of the staff in the Running Shoe specialty section of their new 80,000 square foot store at The Edmundton Mall (Calgary, Alberta, Canada).

Classes are conducted by trained running gait instructors with an extensive background and education in gait analysis and functional movement - (including Masters in Education - Health and Human Performance; and Kinesiology/Biomechanics.) Classes were held at the Human Performance Lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma and provided hands on training for the staff.  David Brennan, M.Ed. conducted the Gait Analysis training courses.  Mr. Brennan has been using the Pro Trainer Gait Analysis Software Program for over ten years and is well versed in the requirements for observational gait/running gait analysis.

Most running shoe retail outlets that perform “gait evaluations” utilize a close-up shot of the foot from the rear view and are more focused on the foot and less focused on the Knee, hip and trunk (joint coupling effect). The primary movements of running and walking occur in anterior posterior (front to back) plane. Unfortunately, without the benefit of a side view it is very difficult to analyze gait in the context of key events in the gait cycle.  (e.g. heel strike, Mid stance, terminal stance and toe off etc.).

By adding the capability of capturing video from the side and rear simultaneously the time to both capture and analyze video gait analysis has been reduced significantly. The process can very quickly identify critical issues related to the function of the lower extremity as a whole not just the part that hits the ground.


The Medical Motion Gait Analysis System

Implemented in the Sport Chek stores provides two (2) LIVE, STREAMING VIEWS of the customer on the treadmill. Customers are recorded on the treadmill prior to the selection of the running shoes and are provided with an analysis of their gait and the key areas are identified.  With this information in hand, the customer is provided with recommendations for the proper running shoe, which is brought back to the Fit Station for a second viewing.  With the flat screen monitor at the front of the treadmill, the customer is able to see the streaming video of their back and side view.

This visual review allows the customer to immediately see the differences provided by each of the shoe styles selected.

Medical Motion - is developing two day courses, teaching the basics of observational gait analysis, in conjunction with the Pro Trainer Movement Analysis products.  Courses can be customized to fit your organization’s needs and objectives.  For more information, contact Pat Bennett at 888-265-6226, option 2.

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