Medical Motion has assembled the most convenient tools for managing and working with your video material.

  • Open and synchronize multiple video windows
  • Slow motion and frame-by-frame replay
  • Video overlay
  • Frame image pan, zoom, and magnification
  • Mirror image flip
  • Video frame bookmarking
  • Automatic video classification and organization


Open and Synchronize Multiple Video Windows
Compare before-and-after and client-to-client videos by viewing and synchronizing two or more different videos in multiple windows. This makes it easy to compare the biomechanics of hip movement between two different clients or the different range in motion gained from session to session by a single client.


synchronize Multiple Windows

Slow Motion and Frame-by-Frame Replay

Instantly and easily view your video in regular speed, slow motion, or frame-by-frame with VCR-style play back controls. The software supports both markerless motion capture and the use of reflective markers for analyzing the biomechanics of the human body. It can be a terrific aid for observing proprioception in your clients.

Slow Motion and Frame by frame

Video Overlay
Compare “before and after” and “client-to-client” video by superimposing single frames or frame sequences from two separate videos over each other. This is an important feature for seeing exactly how each area of the body may differ in movement under different conditions, after corrective treatments, or between individuals. This capability can make sports injury rehabilitation and biomechanical testing much easier to conduct.


Video Overlay

Zooming, Panning, and Magnifying

Zoom in on critical areas or pan the video (side to side) to center the scene in the window. A quick magnifier feature also is available. It enables you to see close-up detail on any area of a video.


Zooming, panning and Magnifying

Mirror Image Flip
This capability makes video-to-video comparisons easier if the two videos were originally shot in opposite directions. Just use the horizontal flip tool, or make a correction for video that was originally shot upside down by using the vertical flip tool.


Flip Horizontal

Flip Vertical

Video Frame Bookmarking

Bookmark specific frames in a video so that you can easily find them again while presenting or analyzing them later on. You can also jump between bookmarked points using the Next Bookmark and Previous Bookmark options. This greatly increases your ability to conduct sports injury physiotherapy training sessions.

Video Bookmarking

Video File Manager
No more searching for videos on your hard drive! All videos are automatically organized by client name, date of capture, and other customized categories. Each column can be sorted to give you quick access to the video you need. A preview of the selected video is also displayed before it is opened. This makes it much easier to separate shoulder biomechanics files, for example, from files documenting the biomechanics of jumping.



File Manager

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