Ready to Use Motion Study for Retail Users and Small Physical Therapy Centers

Medical Motion was launched in 2005 as a separate division of Sports Motion, Inc. to focus on the strong medical customer base emerging in the motion capturing and motion study industry. In an interview with Chris Swanner, CEO and president of Medical Motion, Chris explained why this growing division of the company was created.

How did you identify a market for a motion analysis system outside of the world of sport and sport injuries?

“Our systems were being used at the Mayo Clinics, Health and Wellness Centers (HAWC), military bases, and retail shoe stores like Fleet Feet. Just to give you an idea, they were using them for proper shoe fitting to avoid running injuries and foot injuries, improve running form, and to accommodate daily exercise such as speed walking and fast walking.”

What did you discover about this market once you starting working with these professionals?

“What we found was a large need for an easy to use, affordable, turnkey, 2D motion analysis system. Most places can’t afford a $50K-$150K system to do the type of motion capture needed. We provide a cost effective, out of the box solution that anyone can use. Our software and system was developed with the idea that simple and quick is better than giant and slow.”

What did you find that clients wanted from a system?

“Our goal is for a person to be able to use the system and software the minute they get it. Their area of expertise is NOT in putting together a system and worrying about what component works well with another one. We found that 90% of all medical and motion analysis professionals want to do the same tasks – whether they deal with ankle injuries from bad running technique, elbow injuries from golf, weekend warriors with football injuries and hamstring injuries, soccer injuries such as shoulder injuries, or simply range of motion exercises conducted for an ageing population at small local physical therapy centers. We focus on designing systems that do what 90% need in a simple and quick way with a minimal learning curve.”

How has this influenced your product line?

“Medical Motion also developed proprietary products to perform specific types of video analysis. Low-reach tripod arms, reflective markers, calibration charts, lighting packages, high speed cameras, and video specific treadmills are a few particular items we provide to insure that our customers have the best equipment possible to do their precise job.”

But how do people find out about these options?

“The Medical Motion division has been able to connect with a customer’s specific needs in the medical and motion analysis industry. A key part of this is the new website, which was developed with the health care and motion analysis professionals in mind. We are building a community of providers that are a valuable resource to the industry.”

Once customers buy a system, how do they get help?

“Medical Motion’s great customer support guarantees that customers will never be left by themselves if trouble should arise. Our support is not limited by a specific number of hours or calls. It is available for our customers for two full years after purchase.”

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